Like the Stock Market, but without any rules…

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The Contemporary Art World is immaculate, seemingly immune to the fluctuations of the global financial systems – the art market bubble only continues to swell. The news media fans the flames, reporting record auction prices, celebrity parties and unfathomable sums of currency exchanged, in what has become a truly global commodity market.

Animator and director, Drew Lightfoot steps in front of the camera for the first time. In Spotless, Drew leans on his experience behind the lens to document his journey into the world of contemporary art. From animation for feature films for Tim Burton, music videos for global artists and campaigns for major advertising agencies, nothing has prepared Drew for what he is about to uncover in Spotless.

Drew will travel with a film crew around the globe attending an international exhibit of ‘Spot Paintings’ by the UK’s most successful living artist, Damien Hirst, and in the end, be rewarded with a ‘Spot’ print of his own. With a potential projected value of up to two hundred thousand dollars per print, the opportunity to visit eleven galleries across three continents and collect a piece of art has promise to not only pay for the entire adventure but also yield a profit.

Along the way, we unveil the arbitrary, often ludicrous manner in which contemporary art is valued. With the simultaneous explosion of the worldwide Occupy movement, how is it that, in the midst of so much economic distress, a polka-dotted painting can sell for 3.4 million dollars?

The shocking truths uncovered reveal a wildly unregulated market fuelled by sophisticated promotion, insider chicanery, billionaire brinksmanship, and money laundering. In a world where the poor are getting poorer and the rich so much richer, Drew Lightfoot discovers precisely how the contemporary art world manufactures value… and it couldn’t be further from spotless.

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